The "Room of Doom" Collectors' Photo Galleries

Since 2001 Digital Press has been collecting the photos of collectors' game rooms - the elegant beauty of hundreds of games packed into small and large spaces. These rooms are havens for collectors, living space devoted to the hobby we all love. In its own way, each one is... "The Ultimate Game Room."

If you've got pictures of your collection we invite you to join these pages. The easy-to-navigate system is free to use and allows you to add or update your photos, caption each picture, customize the layout, and even receive rankings from site visitors! If you're among those of us who are proud to display our collections I urge you to give it a try.

We switched to this user-controlled system in 2005. There are hundreds of additional members and photos in the original "Room of Doom" gallery. If you're IN that gallery, feel free to transfer your photos to the new system as well.


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